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Is your website targeted by attackers? Subscribe WAF & fasten security!

Buzinessware Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides an all-inclusive security solution for users concerned about website security. It blocks all kinds of web attacks accurately and quickly with the industry-leading logic based analysis detection technology

Even the smallest websites are targets for cyber attacks. Hackers may attempt to exhaust your website’s resources, making it unreachable. With buziness WAF, you are never sacrificing on quality. Our WAF is powered by a logical analysis engine that detects known, unknown and modified attacks with a higher accuracy rate than most competitors

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Whats in the box / Technical Features

A powerful web application firewall can safeguard your website by blocking illegitimate traffic from attackers.

Buzinessware is the only provider offer Intelligent Web Application Firewall which blocks web attacks logically. Buzinessware Web Security blocks known as well as unknown attacks with highest precision where other WAFs can only block known attacks. Our Web Security not only detects known attack patterns via pattern-matching analysis, but also analyzes traffic for malicious behavior with two additional unique detection methods: Semantic analysis and Heuristic analysis. This allows our logic based analysis engine to detect known, unknown and even modified attacks with industry-leading accuracy

Highest Security

  • Strong External Security Shield
  • Block known as well as unknown attacks
  • Multiple detection methods
  • Lower false-positive

Highest Performance

  • Proven Accuracy
  • Pattern-matching analysis
  • Heuristic analysis

Extra Care

  • 24/7/365 local support from specialists
  • FREE Consultation
  • FREE Integration
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